Why Are Cell Sites Sometimes Needed In Residential Areas?

Cell sites need to be located where people use their cell phones and people use their cell phone increasingly at home and throughout their neighborhoods.  Wireless carriers must add new sites to their networks in these areas to handle the increasing call and data volume.

What About The Safety Of Living Or Working Near A Wireless Facility?

Scientists all over the world continually study the potential health effect of RF energy.  These studies conclude that there is no evidence that RF from wireless facilities pose a public health threat.  The RF emission from a typical cell site is a minuscule percentage (.0001%) of what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows.  It would take several thousand cell sites at a location to even come close to reaching the limits allowed by the FCC.

Are There Regulations About RF That Protect Public Health?

The wireless industry is tightly regulated by the FCC which sets and enforces very conservative, science-based RF emission guidelines to protect public heath.  The tenants that locate on Site Concept towers operates well below the FCC requirments.  

Will Having A Cell Site Installed In My Neighorhood Affect My Property Value?

Real estate appraisals show that property values aren't impacted because a cell site is nearby.  Quality of wireless service is known to be a factor with buyers considering a home purchase.  Real estate agents tell us their clients often check signal strength when looking at a prospective new home, saying they want a home with a strong wireless service.